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The NEWSROOM NIGERIA is an independent, liberal on – line news platform committed to the right of the individual to pursue his economic happiness, without undue interference of the state. It shall promote the rights of the individual; right to freedom of worship and conscience, and to hold opinions and impact same without hindrance, subject to such laws are as consistent with the constitution and necessary for the protection of the rights of others.

The NEWSROOM NIGERIA is committed to the virtues of republican democracy and seek through its wide an balanced coverage of events, to inform the citizenry to realize and sustain these ideals. It disapproves of all forms of arbitrariness, and shall constantly strive to hold the government accountable to the people.

NEWSROOM NIGERIA‘s wide and balanced coverage, enhanced by its simplicity of narrative style and informed analysis, assures it a wide readership. It shall equally draw a wide readership from the intelligentsia, the political class, opinion leaders, the diplomatic corps, professionals, career men and women and other members of the attentive public.

Although the platform’s bias is on its political, business, economic, national and international news reporting, its back-up stories in fashion, hotels and travels, life, science and technology, auto shall help to broaden its readership.

The team comprises young and brilliant Nigerians committed to the finest ideals of journalism practice and promises to guard jealously the sacred ethics of journalism.

This is my dream and I am proud to identify you as a stakeholder in this project.

Meanwhile, Newsroom Nigeria website had over 33,000 visitors with over 43,000 views in the last one year from over 100 countries.

Top 10 countries include Nigeria, US, UK, South Africa, European union, Germany, Ireland, Canada, India and Ghana.

Oluwasegun Abifarin


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