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By Iyanu Oluwajomiloju/….


Civil Society Organisations, pro-democracy activists, students, workers and academics under the aegis of Amilcar Cabral Ideological School, ACIS have commenced sensitisation and mobilisation for a genuine people’s force that will replace what they described as the current “transition arrangement based on oppressor rules.”

The Coordinator of the movement, Abiodun Aremju Explained that the mobilisation which started in Ibadan on January 20, will move to Makoko, Lagos, this weekend and Kano and Ilorin this month.

According to Aremu: “This oppressive and looters’ system has to be terminated. Why waste our time on a Transition arrangement based on oppressor rules. Why not struggle for a New Transition that will be driven by collective interests? Must election b d only basis to determine a change of our situation? Isn’t our struggle that terminated military rule? Those who are convinced that thru the paddy-paddy elections, they can transform Nigeria, they can continue.
“ACIS-M is not canvassing for election boycott. ACIS-M is only exposing d futility of d periodic elections and urging Nigerians to terminate this ruinous ruling class across the country and institute a new order. Call it a call to revolt or an uprising, d choice of words are yours. But to ACIS-M, the people in any society will be truly free whenever they want or continue in deceptions of elections and sufferings.
“Instead of agonising or waste time raining abuses on a few rich Class that are hooked to looting and oppression, using ethnicity and religion to divide and dominate the people, ACIS-M believes in mobilising the mass of the people towards national consciousness and national consensus on terminating the oppressive ruling class.
“Why must our politics be based on funding an unproductive & money looting 109 Senators & over 360 Representatives while there would never be adequate funding of education, healthcare, social welfare for the mass of d citizenry? Who said we cannot operate a single National Assembly of just 37 senators maximum?
“ACIS-M does not believe in d politics of so-called Restructuring by and among d Ruling class & elites in d country, which is just to merely redistribute who control d allocation of loots. It’s only a struggle of d oppressed people that can restructure d country on d path of what d politics and economy should be to serve collective interests. It is d same sense in which ACIS-M believes that Resource

“Control by d oppressed people in d Niger Delta should ideally be driven by what d poor masses want collectively as their needs and not what the section of d ruling class in that part of d country do by their stupendous enrichment with d people as victims.”