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By Wale Adeoye../

The Choice of Aare Ona Kakanfo is the prerogative of the Alaafin, the Oyo Mesi and the gods. Alaaafin chose Gani Adams based on the spiritula and cosmos calling. Nigeria may deprive you of everything but not your heritage.
Alaafin has simply told us a man from poor background can lead a nation. He has elevated Gani Adams to the position of a statesman in Yorubaland. The first Aare Onakalanfo was Kokoro gangan of Iwoye. the second Oyatope. The 3rd Oyabi, Adefa, Oku, Afonja, Toyeje, Edun, Amepo, Kurumi, Ojoo Aburumaku, Latoosa, Akintola and Mko Abiola. Im sure Alaafin acted on divine wisdom. If it was all about money, Chief Gani Adams would not have been picked.

There are many Yoruba billionaires that are begging for the position. There is no doubt that Aare Onakakanfo is the most significant War title in Yorubaland. It is not for the lily livered. It is not reserved for the wealthiest. I think the gods must have seen a future foretold that requires bravery and rare courage as Nigeria marches in the dark alley to the unknown. Otunba Adams who is less than 50 years has paid his dues. He rose from oblivion, being the son of nobody, in a competitive society where money and caste system that undermines people from poor homes rule. Alaafin has picked the son of a poor man to lead Yoruba Nation.

That is significant. He has picked a representative of the majority of Yoruba people who are poor and deprived. Gani Adams started as an ordinary person but with a mission to be a leader. No man is perfect. To appreciate Otunba Gani Adams we have to look at his sunny side, the risks he took at the most difficult moments and the fact that he helped build one of the most formidable social movements in modern Yoruba history.

A group you voluntarily join not for gains or for lucre, but because you knew you could die for your fatherland. Irrespective of what OPC is today, we must never undermine the historic role its members played at a critical momement in Nigeria’s history….and many of them were killed for this. The Alaafin-s decision should be a challenge to all young men that they can build a future for themselves not through yahoo yahoo or sagging trousers, but by choosing a noble cause that is worth dying for. We all need to support the new Aare Onakakanfo to make sure he succeeds