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……../“The only way this could be done effectively is to control the political structures in Yorubaland and bring the entire landscape under the kneel of the Fulani lordship.”

/This is a very important message that we hope will get to every household, every man, every woman, old and young, protected and defenseless people alike. It is about our future that at the present lay prostrate. It is a call to action. A call for understanding. A call to reason. The pains and anguish will continue, unless we understand our situation and are ready to change it!!!
This small message speaks of our past, our present and the unpredictable future that lay ahead. More than any other time in our history, we now have to make a choice, between slavery and freedom; between illusion and reality. It is either our territories, from Lagos through Jebba, through Akoko, to Ondo state and Itsekiri, are free from bondage and servitude or we remain enslaved, the slave mantle handed over to generations unborn. If you do not bend your back, no one will ride on it. But now, they are not only riding on our back, they are gradually dipping their hands down our throat.
We are aware of the Change that came in 2015, and then the recent elections in Ondo state and the victory of the All Peoples Congress, (APC). The people have spoken. Our point is not to challenge what has become the outcome of the election, but to caution and warn every Yoruba person on the current situation of politics in Yorubaland and the far reaching implications of the Ondo election on the future of our people. Nothing depicts the implications of the election more than the unusual enthusiasm and mocking delight of the Fulani leaders and State Governors who continue to issue full paid adverts describing the outcome of the election as their own political triumph.

This was further proclaimed through the massive distribution of money and the luring of voters with indecent and immoral incentives by the APC Northern agents during the Ondo election, continuing what we have resented over the years, which is the destruction of our core Omoluabi values. Each vote in Ondo State was bought for as much as N5,000 naira representing one of the most corrupt electoral process in Nigerian history.
Let us face it: When the APC came to power on May 29, 2015, it was a build-up of the alliance between the Yoruba people and the Fulani North. No one was sure of why the alliance was anchored. One certain thing was that our experiences with the Fulani North have been painfully hazardous. But after the treacherous persecution of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the killing of Chief M.K.O Abiola and the complete annihilation of the Yoruba in the judiciary and the collapse of a once flourishing Yoruba business dynasty, through the deliberate policies of the military controlled by the Fulani North, the Yoruba people must have felt there was no point recycling evil, leading to the extension of a hand of fellowship. This was coupled with the lack of vision, the naiveté, ineptitude, the pillaging of the national wealth and the further destruction of humanity by the PDP. We must admit that a certain section, the old Afenifere guards warned us.
APC choice was made at a time that PDP offered nothing but dashed, forlorn hope. However, it is now clear that history is repeating itself. Having taken a leap partly through the ladder provided by the Yoruba nation, for the Fulani North, it is now time to destroy the ladder and vanquish the people. This started with the appointments of Ministers, some of which are qualified, but the appointments were done in ways to create a cult loyalty to the Fulani North from those appointed as Ministers. This explains while the Northern Ministers hold meetings regularly, the Yoruba Ministers are so scared stiff to relate on a regional bases, but would prefer to differ to their Fulani masters.
We have a problem with this. The bigger problem is with the objective, which is to destroy a unified political front of the Yoruba people, scatter our sense of unity, isolate our iconic leaders and turn the entire South West into satellite states of the Fulani political hegemony. It turns out that this destructive strategy is expected to find support from the Ministers appointed from the SW region.
There is a mischievous propaganda that has continued to portray the battle as a campaign against “Tinubu’s Influence”. How does it make sense that it is the political interests in Kaduna that will augment the lives of our people and not those in Ibadan or Lagos?

We call on Yoruba people home and abroad not to be deceived. This was the same erroneous impression sold as a dummy to Yoruba people of the 1950s/60s that the desperation to take over Yorubaland through the UNDP plot was against a “selfish Awolowo” and not the cynical destruction of the Yoruba heritage. Given the orchestrated hate campaign against Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, it is so easy to sell the dummy again and again.

The arrow heads of the campaign claim they are not ready to “worship” Tinubu, but they are inadvertently ready to worship El Rufai and the Fulani Governors in the North many of who were advisers to the late General Sanni Abacha whose hatred and persecution of the Yoruba was well-known.

We wish to strongly alert the Yoruba Nation: This is not a campaign against Tinubu, but an overwhelming scheme to ensure that the politics of the South West is determined from Kaduna to the detriment of our people.
Why has the Yoruba people suddenly become the new target? The desire of the Fulani is to conquer and dominate, nothing more. Having failed to subdue the Yoruba energy through years of military repression, skewed electoral politics is now the new weapon of conquest. Using electoral politics as a weapon of slavery is even more dangerous, because only the deeply conscious can read the steaming iron hands behind the silk clothing and political pretences. What we have seen since 2015 is politics of Fulani consolidation instead of good governance. The economy is in a shambles. Manufacturers are closing down. Millions are dying of hunger.
Most Yoruba people voted for the APC simply because we wanted the restructuring of Nigeria; devolution of power, state police and self actualization. These ideal has been completely annihilated and substituted for a vicious drive to sustain a callously garrison Nigeria, where the whims and caprices of the nation will be at the beckon of the Fulani lords. Given the growing agitation for self actualization across the Niger-Delta and Eastern Nigeria, it is in the interest of the Fulani to exterminate the progressive and liberal democratic forces in Yorubaland and replace them with rookies who will be tied to the dictates of the Fulani North in the context of the inevitability of the huge political battles that lay ahead of Nigeria in the few years ahead. It is obvious now that the Buhari government has no solution to the Nigerian delimma, but has rather compounded the problem.
The only way this could be done effectively is to control the political structures in Yorubaland and bring the entire landscape under the kneel of the Fulani lordship. This is the situation at hand. This is our story as a people. This is why we must be on guard to resist the draconian plot. A people that is not conscious of its history is doomed. We count on history, the truthfulness of our logic and the ideology we profess, that we shall win in the next phase of this battle for freedom as against slavery. There are so many things you can do to help save your own future, and the Yoruba Nation. The simplest is to pass on this message.